Most Famous Couples in History

We have decided to run down the most famous couples in history. Although these couples lived in different eras, they are linked by their enduring popularity.

From royal couples like Prince Charles and Lady Diana to lovers-cum-robbers Bonnie and Clyde, this list has some of the best-known relationships in history.

You just might learn a lesson or two from these relationships to improve your relationship. Or, you can soak up in all the drama and romance that surrounded the world’s most famous couples.

Adam and Eve


Adam and Eve


Understanding Types of Love Psychology

Psychology love

Love, they say, makes the world go round. Although everyone feels love, it lacks a specific definition. This is because people see and interpret love differently. If you care about someone, do you love them? Or does loving someone involves wanting to spend your life with them? What exactly does it mean when someone says “I love you”?


How to Write an Online Dating Profile

online dating profile

Online dating is the rage now — more and more people are ditching bars and clubs and are visiting dating sites to find love. If you’re on them, your dating profile will determine your chances of success. The synopsis of a book or movie often influences your decision to read or watch it. Your dating profile does something similar — it gives people a snapshot of your personality and influences their decision to interact with you.


How to Take a Relationship Break

girls time after break up

Relationship break…doesn’t that sound like a breakup? Well, no — except you let it become one. Many people think asking for a relationship break is the same as breaking up. However, this is a false belief — both terms are mutually exclusive and mean different things.


Learn How to Overcome Jealousy

overcome jealousy

Jealousy is an emotion that afflicts everyone; even the purest individuals are given to occasional bouts of jealousy. Getting jealous in a relationship is quite normal, so don’t feel bad when such feelings surface. However, constantly feeling jealous will eventually affect your relationship.


How Important is a Second Date

second date

In the game of dating, many see the first date as the most important event. They spend all their time preparing for that first date and hardly think about getting a second date. But, in reality, the second date is arguably more important than the first date. The second date signifies that both parties are mutually interested in each other enough to go out again.


What Types of Lesbians Are There?


what types of lesbians are there

If you’re a lesbian looking for something different, then you might have heard about the different types of lesbians. That’s right, there’s more than just one type, which means your world is going to become a lot more exciting than it once was! Choose the type that makes your heart melt and notice particular traits in girls from around you to categorize them and select the best approach.