How Should Text After First Date Work?

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What happens after the first date determines whether you get a second date or not. A wrong message after a first date can make things go south, and quickly too.

For many people, the crux of the matter is when is the right time to send this text. Should it be done immediately, within 24 hours or three (3) days after? A popular option is three days after. But is that the best option?

For another category of people, the debate is what the text should contain. Should it be just a thank you message for honoring the date request or a more direct message? Our ultimate guide on texting after the first date is the perfect cheat guide on how to get any girl swooning with your post-first date text. It tells you when to text and what this text should contain.

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When is it Ideal to Text After the First Date?

As earlier highlighted, there’s no consensus on when to send the first post-date text. Indeed, this may come at whatever time. How long you should wait before sending that text is not exactly cast in stone. What works on one date might not work for the other.

What one date may find endearing, the other may find off-putting. Therefore, the right time to send that text depends on how the first date went. Based on what transpired on the first date, you can determine the appropriate time to send a text.

Regardless of when you choose to send it, sending a basic thank you message isn’t out of place. You should do this a few hours after. A “thank you” message is rather harmless and doesn’t propose or suggest anything. If anything, it only accentuates your politeness and respect for the opposite gender.

We can all agree that sending a post-date text is necessary if you want the budding relationship to continue. The first post date text, whichever the time, should come in a few weeks after the date. Waiting weeks to months after may make you look arrogant. It’s also a lot of time for your date to forget about you completely.

How Do I Text After the First Date?

Having settled when is the right time to send that first post-date text, let’s discuss how to text. The following are tips on what to text after the first date.

Complement the Date

A safe way to start post-date texting with someone is to complement the last date you had with them. Share the joy that you felt during the date and the sadness that enveloped you when it ended.

Also, you can appreciate them for making a date a memorable one for you. These things will help provoke positive feelings and gives them an “I want to see you more often” vibe.

Besides, it casts you as an appreciative individual, which is an attractive quality. Don’t we all love that person who’s thankful and appreciative of even the littlest things?

Don’t Make Sexually Suggestive Comments

When sending messages after the first date, avoid making sexually suggestive comments. This is not the time to tell her, “your ass looked great in those pants,” or make a dirty joke. Using sexual innuendo while the relationship is new suggests that you’re just a sex-starved individual looking for his next intercourse.

You can, however, replace sexual innuendo with humor in your texts. Tell a joke, cheesy or not. Even if they don’t laugh, it’ll help start off the conversation. The caveat is that you must avoid offensive jokes — if you’re not sure about the joke, don’t tell it.

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Make Your Messages Brief

Avoid sending long, rambling texts to someone when you’ve only had one date. Keep the messages concise and straightforward, so people can quickly scan through and get the gist.

Another thing to keep in mind: don’t send frequent messages when you barely know the individual. All that will do is make you look like some weirdo looking for attention.

Ask For Another Date

If you want another date, be straightforward about it. No one likes a tepid partner who cannot communicate his needs. This doesn’t mean your first message to be a direct request for another date.

Rather, you can subtly suggest your interest in another meeting. Maybe you can say something like, “ it would be nice to hang out with you again.” If they are open to the idea, you can then give more specifics.

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