What Types of Lesbians Are There?


what types of lesbians are there

If you’re a lesbian looking for something different, then you might have heard about the different types of lesbians. That’s right, there’s more than just one type, which means your world is going to become a lot more exciting than it once was! Choose the type that makes your heart melt and notice particular traits in girls from around you to categorize them and select the best approach.

The Lipstick Lesbian Type

Being a lipstick lesbian meaning going against stereotypes and choosing to dress like a straight lady. Sure, they’re attracted to ladies, but they show off some skin, wear their hair smart, and are more feminine than other types of lesbians.

The Butch Dyke

In contrast to lipstick lesbians, butch lesbians are known to look and behave in a masculine way. You’ll find them with short hair, wearing men’s clothes, and giving off a tough appearance.

The Stone Butch Lesbian

This type of lesbian appears much like the butch dyke, but even more masculine. This means she not only adopts male looks but behavior too.

The Soft Butch Lesbian

The word butch conjures up images of women behaving and acting like me, but this type is different. They fall somewhere between the butch dyke and the stone butch dyke. Therefore, this type will not be afraid to wear elements of male clothing, such as a tie, but they’ll pair that up with high heels. Their personality also appears to be more female than male-esque. Despite this, it’s common for them to express themselves in a masculine way occasionally.

The Boi Lesbian Type

A boi lesbian, as the name suggests, looks rather boy-like, and they’re youthful too. This type of person is hard to categorize because they appear to have several guises. They might be a casual LGBTQ person or someone who enjoys butch women. They might be trans or all three.

The Emo Type

Emo is famously linked with people who love rock music, and so, you can work out that emo lesbians are into the rock scene. They wear dark clothing, thick eyeliner, and aren’t afraid to get creative with their hair colors. What’s more, you always find them rocking out to their favorite band.

types of lesbians

The Hasbian Type

The spectrum of lesbian types appears to be getting wider. With skinny lesbians to butch lesbians and boi lesbians, it’s very unique. However, a Hasbian is a female who once saw themselves as a lesbian but is now enjoying a heterosexual relationship. Some might consider this as a false lesbian, but the world is a different place now. Therefore, they have the choice to be who they want to be. And the word is definitely more catchy, compared to a simple “bisexual.”

The Ambitious Lesbian

For some reason, the stereotypical image of a lesbian woman is anything but powerful. Despite this, an ambitious lesbian has a desire to be successful and reach the top. They are competitive, slightly elitist, and are found in many different industries.

The Sporty Dyke

This type of lesbian enjoys nothing more than getting competitive on the field or on the court. They are an athlete and see themselves as active, and some feel as though they can compete with men. They’re obsessed with their sport and dedicate a lot of time to it.

The Gold Star Lesbian

Considered to be the ultimate lesbian in the world of lesbians. She earns her gold star because she is dedicated to her sexuality. She has never been with a man and never intends to, which means she is a pure lesbian.

The Lone Star Lesbian

This type of lesbian knows who she is because she has tried a relationship with one man and one many only. She tried it, didn’t like it, and got her desire out of her system. She realized it wasn’t for her and went back to dating ladies!

The Blue Jeans Lesbian

The name gives away this type of lesbian, but she’s into wearing jeans and comfortable clothing. She still touches the stereotypical straight female boundaries, but she will never wear a dress or heels.

The Activist Lesbian

Powerful, strong-willed, and committed to being accepted for who she is. She will fight for equality and venture out on marches to fight for her beliefs and sexuality. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to fighting for her cause.

With a huge choice of lesbian types to explore, lesbian singles can discover something different based on their needs. As the titles suggest, it’s easy to find who you want to date!

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