Best Free Online Dating Sites in Canada



  • Liking photos
  • Unlimited chat
  • Viewing full-sized photos
  • Browsing photo albums
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  • Full access to messaging
  • Share photos and videos in chat
  • Adding members to ‘Favorites’
  • Premium support
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benaughty logo


  • Winking
  • Favorites list
  • List of who is online
  • See photo albums
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flirt logo


  • Send winks
  • Replying to messages
  • Big photos
  • Unlimited chats
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  • Enjoy unlimited chats
  • View full-size images
  • Funny “Naughty Mode”
  • Smart search filters
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  • Wink at other members
  • Extended search
  • Share photos and videos in chat
  • Unlimited chats
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  • Uploading of photos and videos
  • Like photos from the Like Gallery
  • Viewing full HD photos of members
  • Sharing of photos and videos in chat
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About the

We've reviewed free and paid dating sites that for quality and specific features such as site navigation, messaging matchmaking, and quality of their user base. Our objective evaluation goes through multiple reviewers before we can finally agree on a score.

How Can We Help? provides rankings and reviews for Canadian dating sites free of charge to readers. We do not collect your personal information before you can access the reviews.

What Are Online Dating Sites?

The Internet has plenty of matchmaking services for every kink and preference. They are usually joined through a basic signup process. Choose a screen name or nickname and provide a valid email address and password for access to the site. Then, confirm your email account and try using the site's features to find matches.

Each user publishes a profile with pictures and personal details. This helps other members decide if they should message you on the app. Some sites offer better tools for connecting you with potential matches based on looks, personality, age, profession, interests, and other attributes.

How Do Online Dating Sites Work?

Dating sites usually offer at least two basic ways for you to match with other singles and couples. These users want a social connection. Common features are:

  • Browsing pictures (i.e. clicking Yes or No or swiping left or right)
  • Reading the profile details of the user and evaluate his or her personality
  • Playing a game (i.e. choosing which picture that you like best out of the three presented)
  • Personality testing and matching you with other users based on your responses

How to Choose the Best Dating Sites?

For anyone who's been dating for a while, sign up and assessing a website or mobile app, finding dates is intuitive. Here are some tips if you are a novice:

  • Do a local search and read several profiles to locate interesting people living near you.
  • Get a feel for how many of the membership are logged in and using tools such as instant messaging, chat, and video conferencing.

How We Ranked the Canadian Online Dating Sites for Singles

We inspected these popular sites based on their user base and their offer of free membership. Datingadvisor staff also reviewed the paid websites to see how they stacked up too. Each site has different benefits and drawbacks related to its cost. Some users join dating sites where they have the chance to meet the most singles in one area. Other users prefer a smaller service with fewer members and focus on the quality of their conversations, not how popular the platform is. Gay men in search of gay men would draw from a smaller pool of people in one city than straight men seeking straight women. It really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for.

Pros of Online Dating

  • The best dating sites for finding love are popular among their memberships for their user-friendly design. You won’t scratch your head about where to click or how to use the main features.
  • Free dating sites offer the ability to try features without paying for access.
  • People can message multiple users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You won’t have to hang out in bars to meet locals seeking romantic connections.
  • You can find people of the same gender or different gender.

Cons of Online Dating

  • There are too many sites to choose from. Dating sites in Canada cater to single adults searching for love, including every gender and sexual orientation. Still, there are a lot to choose from even if you prefer to search for a relationship in a particular niche.
  • Talk to users and develop a strong interest in them, but later you learn they won’t meet and/or already have a partner.
  • You might fall in love with a serial dater who won’t turn your relationship into a marriage or cohabitation.

Our Advice for Safe and Successful Online Dating

On, we wish you a positive experience when you try different services and exchange messages with other singles. Here's how you make the best use of matchmaking sites:

Be Natural, Stay True to Yourself

Create an online persona. Send messages to like-minded users and build up a flirty, cute chat. Some people won't hold up their end of a conversation. Therefore, expect a healthy amount of rejection before you find a date that leads to a relationship, and the only way to succeed is never to lower your standards.

Describe Your Profile

Describe yourself in an honest but alluring way. Put out your habits, preference and tell about a person you wish to meet. Then, ask a friend to take new pictures of you that will be specifically used in the dating profile. For guys and girls, you want to choose at least two different outfits for these pictures. A third picture could just be a headshot. Women can choose whether to wear makeup in their pictures. If you do use photo filters, keep in mind that your future dates will expect someone different than how you look naturally.

Stay Safe in Online Dating

Here are some general safety tips when talking to new matches:

  • Don’t give out your personal contact information or your social media profiles to people on dating apps.
  • Use a texting app or a third-party app like WhatsApp to communicate with someone who asks for your phone number.
  • Before picking where to meet in person, look for a public place, such a restaurant or sports bar with good lighting and security.
  • Be sure that your date doesn’t follow you home after you leave the public venue.

Find Your Matches Now!

Use dating sites to expand your social network. This means that you take a risk and share your profile with strangers. They get the opportunity to contact you and see if you feel a mutual attraction. While meeting face to face might only result in a short conversation, it could also lead to more. Long-term dating partners also start out as your friends.


Why do single girls choose dating sites?
Single girls want to find someone with whom to spend their free time. This means they can find an attractive single adult with whom to have a friendly conversation, a little flirting, and perhaps build up a romantic attachment and a relationship. Ultimately, this form of casual dating starts with online messaging and can lead to more serious dating. Some girls seek intimate relationships without traditional dating norms.

Why are paid subscriptions for dating sites better?
There is an old saying you get what you pay for. Some Canadian users believe joining a paid site will connect them with singles who are more serious about finding a partner. The thinking is that you’re paying to use the site, which motivates you to engage in meaningful conversations and go on dates. In general, this is true. The flip side is people use the service for a few months and expect swift results, such as if I am paying for the service, I should be guaranteed a decent relationship. Then, this kind of user might cancel his or her subscription. Take your time and wait for the right person. Don’t rush the process.

Is it true you must have a Facebook Profile to join a dating website?
While some apps make it easier to join using Facebook credentials, there is an alternative (i.e. using a mobile number or email address to register). Or, the old-fashioned method of choosing a screen name and password just for each dating website.