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Compatibility Review 2021

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Together2Night or, for short, T2N is a dating platform mostly for English-speaking users established in 2015. Since its inception, T2N gathered overall great reviews and a user-base of about 500.000 fans. It can be considered Jack of All Trades amongst the dating platforms. It is just as focused on finding a partner for the night (hence the name) or even for life! In that case, you’ll have to look harder, though.

Love, bunnies, and butterflies in your stomach aren’t the focus, though. T2N is housed under the Together Networks umbrella, and it is one of the “naughty” ones in its portfolio. To write this Together2Night review, I made a couple of different profiles with various preferences; here’s what I’ve found during my research:

  • Most members are female, but the ratio isn’t significant. I can evaluate it for about 45% of men for 55% of women.
  • Users are eager to flirt. There are always a lot of folks online, and each 2 out of 5 replied to my messages almost instantly.
  • Most are open about their history. About every 3rd already went on a date with another member; every 5th went on multiple dates with multiple people. A lot of users are freshly registered.

How to Signing Up and Login to

Now, to try out the site for yourself, if that’s your desire, you’ll have to go to The signup process is an intuitive one, but you won’t miss any important steps with our review’s help.

First, to register, you have to select your preference (Men looking for a woman, woman looking to meet a man, or any other category present on the main page) and enter your age. As with almost any dating service, especially one that’s made for hookups, you need to be 18 or older to enter.

Next is to enter a valid and working email address and come up with a password. Use lowercase and higher case letters, numbers, as well as special characters to ensure your account is protected. The last step is the location, but the site picks it up automatically. If you wish to find a partner in another place, though, you’ll need to choose a different town.

Those are the steps to create a basic, free account and join other members in exploring T2N features. If you seek not only to create an account and receive your user ID but to have a viable chance at an online chat here – go to the email address you entered and find an automated email from the site. Click the link to verify you are a real person – that’s it! Verification procedure should ensure members’ safety and cut out the bot accounts, which is a plus in my book.

Forgot how to perform a together2night sign in? Go to the main page again and enter an email and password you came up with during the registration. If you can’t get into the site, click the “forgot password” button, and your problem will be solved.

Members and Profile Structure

People are the main reason why members of a dating website come back. It’s more than alright at Together2Night – they are wonderful! Sincerely, no matter the person, their gender or preferences, or even details in their profile, they all were terrific. Everyone was keen to explain how everything works and even to give out a short interview for this Together2night review. It is one of those sites where the community is the main feature, 10/10 for it.

I already mentioned how the membership structure tends to be mostly even. There are slightly more girls, but there’s a catch – guys are most active users, going on a date after date. Women tend to meet a few partners, and if things start getting emotional, they prefer to go and start dating “seriously,” or at least commit to a single friend with benefits. Yet since a few thousand members are joining every week, there’s never any shortage of males and females on the platform.

Profile Quality

This is a thing I’d like to critique. Profiles should be creative and fun; here, they are more like personals. Each profile contains the name, age, sexual preference, and a few more details about the user. There’s no way of knowing if you are compatible, no tests or personality quizzes: you can match by:

  • Location
  • Preferences
  • Or simply “like” each other (more about it later)
While it wouldn’t work on any other sites, the T2N user-base compensates for it. Seek compatibility? Chat with members you like and discover it yourself. Want partners for steamy hookups? Again, offer it to any user and get your answer.

Contacting Members on Together2Night

You have two main routes to start the conversation:

  • The “thorough” route. The site’s search function allows you to see people in your chosen location. Fine-tune your search with extra parameters, or simply go through each profile in your area to meet your soulmate or a fellow hookup enthusiast.
  • The “lucky” route. Use the feature called “the Like Gallery.” It is a Tinder-like game where you like users based only on a single piece of information – their photo. You think someone is beautiful, and they find you attractive in turn? You are matched. Since there are almost no accidental visitors here, matching at Like Gallery will inevitably result in a hookup or a date. Security and Support

I’m going to say straight away that the website is safe. No history of data leakage, no stolen identities or payment information, even paid reviews about how terrible the site is, never mention any security issues because there isn’t even a single one. It can be considered a rarity! The site’s systems are compatible with modern encryption technologies, and the moderation team hunts fakes and bots (if they appear) relentlessly.

The only danger you might encounter comes from other users. No matter what I say about how awesome the member-base is: never give private information to strangers on the Internet. It may endanger your safety! If you just started talking to each other and became online buddies with a potential for hooking up, it will be wise never to tell your current address or credit card credentials. App

I’d like to have one, users on the website are constantly talking about it, but Together2night does not have any kind of a mobile app. It’s reasonable – it is mostly a communication platform, and members expect you to dedicate a chunk of your time to convince your potential partner of your total compatibility. That’s a complicated task if you divide your attention between your chat & relationships and WhatsApp notification from your mother, sending you the cute cat pictures.

Special Features

  • A few ways to meet a partner: by location or by liking each other’s appearance in the Like Gallery.
  • Verified user? Paid for site’s features? Block those peasants who don’t want to spend their free messages or even a few bucks on trial to talk to you and bots who never bother to go through the verification procedure.
  • Go and talk to everyone around. You’ll surely get a response from a local hookup enthusiast.
  • SSL encryption ensures your discreet and kinky messages are safe. Every other message is secure too.
  • FlirtCast is a loud “Hi!” to every user in your dating pool around you. Make your presence known and suggest that you are ready to mingle.

Pros & Cons

Friendliest local member-base ever. Only works in Canada, the USA, and Australia. Tough luck, Brits! Or everyone dreaming about international dating.
Two viable ways to meet a partner and a FlirtCast on top. I’d rather have more boxes to fill in the profile so other users could’ve approached me knowing that we are compatible from the get-go.
Start dating and looking for relationships straight away, without quizzes or questions!

  • Friendliest local member-base ever
  • Only works in Canada, the USA, and Australia. Tough luck, Brits! Or everyone dreaming about international dating
  • Two viable ways to meet a partner and a FlirtCast on top
  • I’d rather have more boxes to fill in the profile so other users could’ve approached me knowing that we are compatible from the get-go
  • Start dating and looking for relationships straight away, without quizzes or questions!
  • Safe & Secure Costs and Prices

Everything I said earlier was about the premium version. I purchased a few trial periods for a couple of my accounts to test the sites. Free members get considerably fewer features. Here’s the price list if you are interested:

DurationPrice (USD)
3 Day Trial4.00 USD
1 Month30.00 USD
3 Months70.00 USD
6 Months120.00 USD

Free account

  • Use the basic search to see local singles.
  • Send messages to other users (only 5 times, though!)
  • See if any people around you excite you enough to purchase a paid package.

Premium Program

  • All messages are free; chat with everyone you like.
  • Fine-tune your search to find compatible people.
  • Become more visible to other singles.

Together2Night Review – Editors Conclusion

“I honestly endorse this site. There are few setbacks, like incomplete profiles or users without pictures using the Like Gallery, but people on the site enchanted me. They all were funny, cute, interesting, and incredibly open. Maybe it’s just my area, perhaps my profile pictures featured an incredibly handsome devil, but it worked. This Together2Night review concludes with my full endorsement of the platform and its safety for every member.”

Together2Night FAQ:

Can I sign up in for free?
Yes, you can. But don’t expect to use every feature the site has prepared for you.
Does have a free trial?
Free registration IS a free trial. No charge is required; just observe profiles of people around you and decide if a premium membership worth it.
How can I cancel my full membership in
Go to your profile, click Membership details, and change your plan to stop paying. If it doesn’t work, then contact the site’s support, team and they will help.
Can I send as many Flirtcast on as I want?
You can, but only once every 12 hours.
How can I use mobile version?
Just add “m” to the website’s address. It should be “”, but if your Together2Night sign-up comes from a mobile device, the service will transfer you to the mobile version of the app automatically.
Can I connect the app to my Facebook account?
No, the only thing you can connect to your T2N account is your email.
Is it safe to input my credit card details for membership payments?
To my experience, it is. If you have any concerns – check-in with T2N customer support, and they will answer your questions in great technical detail.
How can I delete a account?
Deactivate your account from Settings on your profile page, or ask customer support to delete it for you.
Is legit?
It is a legit dating platform, a legit hookup website, and legit matchmaking service, so yes.
Is a scam or fake?
No. There may be some fake users, but they go against the site’s policy, so report them if you happen to encounter one.