How to Write an Online Dating Profile

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Online dating is the rage now — more and more people are ditching bars and clubs and are visiting dating sites to find love. If you’re on them, your dating profile will determine your chances of success. The synopsis of a book or movie often influences your decision to read or watch it. Your dating profile does something similar — it gives people a snapshot of your personality and influences their decision to interact with you.

Having a good dating profile increases your chances of getting messages from people looking for relationships online. It will also decrease the number of people who ignore the messages you send on Tinder or any other dating site. With that in mind, knowing how to write a dating profile is a skill you must master. We have broken down the art of writing a dating profile in subsequent paragraphs. Let’s go!

Give a Personal Overview

Your dating profile can make or mar your chances of getting a match. You want to make it interesting and informative enough to attract your ideal partner. You should describe your prominent character traits in your profile. It must also tell people the things that you value and care about.

More importantly, specify what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a short-term fling or a long-term commitment? Then say as much in your profile. Be straightforward about what you want. Remember that you want to meet only people that have similar wants.

Keep Things Short and Simple

People often come across dozens, if not hundreds, of interesting dating profiles on any dating site. Their attention span is limited, so they may skip your profile if it’s too long to read. The length of your dating profile depends on what dating site you use. Some dating sites allow for a paragraph, while some give just 2-3 lines of space.

Regardless of the platform, always aim to keep your dating profile under a paragraph. With proper writing, you should be able to convey the most important information in few words.

Identify Your Ideal Partner

Your dating profile should suggest the kind of person you’re looking for. When people read your profile, they can easily decide if they are a match for you or not. However, when identifying your ideal partner, don’t go overboard. Don’t start listing too many specifics such as interests, weight, religious affiliation, and so on.

Rather, you should focus on the character traits of a potential partner. For example, you can indicate a preference for someone who “values a healthy lifestyle” instead of saying, “I love fit people.”

Obviously, someone who values a healthy lifestyle will care about fitness and health. So you see, stating your values increases your chances of meeting like-minded people. When you list specific characteristics, you risk coming off as picky or rigid, which is unattractive. Focusing on character traits allows you to indicate who you want without being forceful.

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Be a Storyteller

Your profile should tell a story. Sure, you won’t write a novella — but you can create a narrative that captures the essence of who you are.

In your story, you might be an adventurous and free-spirited individual, a shy introvert, or a run-of-the-mill person. Make you understand what story your dating profile is telling before you make it public.

Your story should highlight your best qualities and attract the right person to you. Ask someone to assess your profile and tell you what they got from reading your profile.

If your profile isn’t telling the right story, change the wording. Ensure it captures your personality and makes it easy for others to determine if you’re a good fit.

Check for Grammatical Errors

While writing your profile, make sure to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Having errors in your profile is often a sign of a careless attitude, which others will appreciate. For some, spelling errors are a big pet peeve. You might have an interesting profile only to have a tiny mistake turn off people. When learning how to write a dating profile, get familiar with spell check tools like Grammarly. They will help eliminate errors and give your profile a tidy look.

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